The Errogie Collection

Landscape obsession, physical exercise & social media delusion

Recent 222 portraits & band photography

The wild Highlands – up close and beautiful

Landscapes, Landscape, Lndscps, Lndscp

Ross & Ali – Symbiosis – Album cover art

photographer glasgow

I ARE Photographer

Logo Design – Collection

Virtual / Actual Sketchbook

Conceptual Coolness – Update of RAD *****

3 to 10 seconds people! Videos… Lot’s of Video… Hours of Video!

Kaela Rowan – The Fruited Thorn – Album cover design

Rachel Newton – Here’s My Heart Come Take It – Album Cover Design

Hamish Napier – ‘The River’ – CD Album cover design

Hamish Napier – Solo artist photography

Mike Vass – solo artist photography

Rachel Newton – solo artist photography

2015 – the schmo must go on

Dallahan – band photography

Winter is coming – Landscape photography

Beecake – The World of Things – Vinyl Album Artwork

Landscapes – Summer 2015

Beecake – The World of Things – Album Artwork – CD

Scott Wood Band – album artwork design

Logo Design Glasgow

Ross Ainslie – ‘Remembering’ CD album design

Scott Wood Band Photography

G&T – Dreamy, Etherial, Female Band Photography

The Voyage of the Hector – Album Artwork

Rachel Hair Trio – Band Photography

RURA – Despite the Dark – Album Artwork

The Low Ground – EP Artwork

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