Photos of Humans and Musicians (who are also humans)

To those who follow my social feeds you will know that my photographic output has been focussed mainly around landscapes the last few years. However I’m still plugging away in the background doing portrait work, for albums, for promo etc etc. As I grow older I’m finding the concept of people harder and harder to fathom, as civilisation decomposes in to a polarised sludge of sensationalist bile and the ever increasing levels of collective idiocy seem to spiral, flailing madly like a runaway helicopter. I find myself trying to escape this human madness. To find meaning and peace away from the yapping and the nip picking nae sayers. This why the landscape photography has become more and more prominent. A sanctuary. Thankfully the landscape work and the music work are intertwining quite beautifully and I get to go on fine adventures with excellent well adjusted humans, to create portraits that are more fitting of place and of culture. It seems that this fusion of musicians and landscape are even evolving into more long form multi media projects with grand ideas of creating expansive, artistic experiences elevated from the standard album artwork / gig musician model. This is all new and in it’s infancy but perhaps this will be a fresh avenue to make music, photography and visual art financially viable in a brave an unyielding economic work space. Since the decision was taken by consumer electronic companies and car manufactures to dump the CD player and it’s associated formats, we have found that music is becoming less viable as a profession. The same is true of photography… Graphic Design… You name it if you’re creative the only sanctuaries left are big budget film, jewellery and high value interior art / furniture. Never have creative people been so under the thumb of faceless, slithering corporations. I keep telling myself that these convulsions are just the death throws of capitalism, that everything will be just fine. I try to bury myself in my projects in creating good things for good people in the hope that the masses will suddenly awake. That the dawn of a new, sustainable and measured utopia will rise golden and bold. All this impending doom is wearing, I don’t mean to be negative or fatalist but oh my, how hard it is to keep the chin up and choose love over fear when faced with so many ill conceived, misshapen hurdles. The idea that ‘Great’ britain is likely to actually democratically elect boris johnson as prime minister is just beyond belief. Just like trump… what is this wave of deliberate sabotage. It’s fucking suicide and I find it so hard to ignore. I should really re-focus my art to take on some of this madness but it is wearing and stupid and just so hard to see a way through. Out in the weather, sitting on rocks, traversing the cliffs, pissing in the woods. Everything seems fine apart from the fucking plastic… I feel fine. I’m fine. You’re fine… We should make some cool stuff together soon. I can feel a tide of boldness coming, perhaps an awaking, a reinvention. I’m not sure but something is happening and I would like to spend more time with people. Good people.