Kinnaris Quintet – Album Art & Photography

This lot are some band. Some band! So musical, tight as a fleas eye socket, technically exquisite, like a swiss watch. Everyone of them are stellar musicians in their own right and together they are quite frankly astonishing. I award Jenn Butterworth with the heaviest acoustic guitar tone of the entire folk music industry. It’s some force. She has a kick drum in her shoe!!!

So the Women gave me a free reign on this one and what I came up with at first was pretty dark, with the figure I drew restrained by a giant grey alien blob, with thousands of jagged geometric lines holding her back. She was struggling free, with force, aggression and fervour. In my mind this was something to do with the #metoo movement. A comment on this ‘enlightened’ age in which we wish to be living in. It’s fair to say that I am pretty miffed with the state of the western world, it is true that great progress is being made in some ways regarding equality and respect for everyone on every level. However given the state of politics in the west this social blossoming seems to be heavily counteracted by our ignorant, power hungry leaders. Malicious, over privalidged, imperialists with weak spines and polarised undecipherable populist views of widely swinging opinion. And this makes me angry. However this is not my Album and the ladies in the band wanted a more vibrant and joyful aspect to this concept I had dreamed up. The Album is entitled ‘FREE ONE’ after all; I had rendered the heroine on the cover as someone who was still shackled, restrained and embittered. It was brought to my attention that in fact the best way to deal with negative restraints of our society is to break free of these shackles with positivity, light and happiness. So what we ended up with was ultra colourful, explosive and on the whole far more fitting to the music which is totally up lifting.

The photos for this lot were my first shoot in the new spangly photography studio attached to my new place of work. So we totally went for it, Aileen brought loads of fluorescent body paint and I lit the whole thing with stage LED’s. Anyone who has tried to take photos of a gig will know that highly saturated stage lights are incredibly hard to take photos with. So faff was high from this aspect, although I knew the downfall of photographing in coloured light I had never actually figured out how to solve these problems. very slight changes in colour hue and saturation break the files apart super quick, so it took a lot of experimentation to achieve saturation without these patches where the opposing colours would break up. It is fair to say that I now have this down and I am so happy with these portraits. The photos of everyone together are like 180 mega pixel comps, they would make a print nearly 2 metres on it’s longest length with no scaling. They have intense detail which unfortunately I doubt anyone will ever see and I actually found it really hard to get these high resolution files to translate to smaller files on the internet. Anyway this is boring technical photography chat that only other photographers will be interested. To be honest I’m not even interested in it. I like the pictures!