Adam Sutherland – Album Artwork / Blue Steel Photos

Some Other Land… To fat to Fly… Broken Down Vehicle… Saddam the Gander.

Here Starchisimo, the great leader of Starchism has served up an eclectic album of sub conscious dream fiddling. I even got a tune named after me ‘Somhairle Dùbh’, I actually sponsor most of starchcorps output and Sutherland is my number one proxy award acceptor.

So here is a fiddle on a bed drifting skywards towards a magellanic cloud of melodic immortality. Actually it’s a snow storm on the saddle between Ben Ime and the Cobbler, but whatever you get the gist. I’m chuffed with these scribbles but must doff my hat to the great Christine Clark of Lochaber. Who’s style heavily influenced this piece, and a lot of other stuff I do. Cause I love her paintings and they have sunk into my sub conscious.

What I particularly like about this album is the blue steel photos I took of the illustrious a’chairtist. They make me laugh every time… Adam Sutherland is without doubt one of my most treasured friends, he is a character I cannot imagine living without. Please also find attached a beautiful, inspired, love rant from Greg Lawson. I spent quite a while flapping the mouth on this and it was totally worth it, some voicemail, some voicemail.

So you know what to do, GO BUY THE ALBUM, a real album!!! Not one of these these faux albums off spotify, buy a real one. I don’t make all this art for a 300px x 300px square to be broadcast to your phone by some heartless corporation. Considered yourself’s warned. Seriously though…