I don’t shoot a lot of photos. Not by modern standards anyway. I usually run off about 3-4 spools on a pro shoot. My camera does not operate in any automatic modes and I do not use any auto focus lenses unless it is absolutely necessary, for action / high speed stuff. This slows me down and look at what I’m capturing and you know wait for stuff to happen so that it pleases me aesthetically. However in real world practice people never seem to use more than 10 or so. So this leaves me with lots of photos which no one ever sees, so here are some of these orphaned images, which I have marked as 5 stars. It is rare that folk find the photos that I rate highly as the ones they rate highly and I’m totally cool with that, I’m a strange wee niaf and my taste is odd and widely inconsistent. So all of these were taken for album covers or promo or whatever and never made the cut. There is also one of a Norwegian yacht captain… Just because OK…. x