Red Bull Mini Drome – Glasgow

The red bull mini drome is a pretty new event in the red bull arsenal of innovative sporting spectacles. It’s a clever concept that brings miniaturised track racing to the ever expanding fixed wheel scene. The event was really well presented and despite some problems with the timing system that held things up a bit it was a classic event. The racing was fast and there were crashes a plenty which is always a crowd pleaser. I had high hopes for my courier comrades to do well but the event was dominated by a previous winner Toms Alsberg from Latvia who just owned pretty much every round. For the next round in Manchester I have to pin my hopes on Chicky a courier from Liverpool who was definitely up there with the Latvian, Chicky fell victim to a strange wheel up rule that none of us really understood but that boys got talent and a bucket load of charisma to boot. C’mon Chicky!

I managed to fire off a few shots in-between filming and the edit i have done was cobbled together quickly, so excuse the lack of polish, but hey this is a fixie thing so it’s meant to be a bit punk eh?

Here’s the red bull report –

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