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With a multi-faceted approach Somhairle provides a one-stop shop for any venture that requires high quality imagery, providing a wide gamut of creative skills from logo design, graphic design, illustration, photography, video and audio production. Somhairle offers a unified approach which adds cohesion and consistency to any concept.

Delivering inspiring, practical and unique results that scream individuality, creativity and quality.

From logo design, graphic design, illustration, photography and film Somhairle’s skills are wide ranging and well developed. Somhairle has the skills and experience to take your project from a concept to a complete and cohesive brand, with character, punch and clarity.


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About Somhairle.


Since 2001, Somhairle has been running schmO, a small but influential one man graphics shop. Through 14 years of real world experience, Somhairle has built up an original and diverse portfolio with clients ranging from musicians to engineers and everything in between. Thriving on creative and imaginative projects, Somhairle mixes traditional hand crafted methods with cutting edge digital technology to create original, stand out work which exudes character, skill and quality.

Known foremost as an album cover artist, Somhairle has been an integral part of the Scottish music scene since the 90s when he provided the bass fingers for ethno-funk pioneers CroftNoFive. In the age of the self release indie artist, Somhairle provides real world working knowledge that not only provides further creative impetus to any musical endeavor but also valuable technical know how on how to produce the highest quality product possible.

As a child Somhairle was lucky to have been taught to draw by his Mother and GrandPa, both talented artists in their own right. This life long skill has been nurtured and developed and forms the basis of all his visual skills.

Somhairle exhibits skills in all aspects of image making and presentation. His photographic and film making skills are always in high demand, with clients ranging from industrial designers and scientists to fashion designers, prop artists and musicians. Somhairle exhibits an ability to adapt to any situation, connect with his subjects and capture genuine moments of brevity.

There is also a depth of technical knowledge present in Somhairle’s work, and several of his website designs have won industry awards. Currently Somhairle runs over 20 websites.

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